a day out with the eighty-sixes

Done by my friend, Paolo Arespacochaga.


a group of 86 owners spent a day at tanay with their respected rides…here are some photos courtesy of chepe feliciano. there is also a large following of 86 owners here in manila. hopefully the next gathering would attract the rest of the 86 community. (both old and new)








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Frequently Primed Questions Answered

Primed for Your Life

Hi Chad!

I’ve been seeing your posts on facebook (friend me here) and it really got me curious.
I have a list of questions so please bear with me. 🙂
1. How does one change from the regular diet to the primed lifestyle?
Please read this one:
The Primed Lifestyle is a lifestyle not diet. Food is #4 on my list of importance on the road to optimal health.

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Nutrient loading vs. Carbo loading before a Race

Prime food is better and healthier. You can see the difference between carbo and nutrient filled food.

Primed for Your Life

If you eat/drink a lot of sugar like bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, noodles, sugarade, energy gels, crackers etc. then unfortunately you will be dependent on these cheap and harmful carbos as your fuel for sports and life.

What if you could kick this sugar dependency (cheap carbos equal sugar in your body) and eat/drink real and healthy products to better fuel your sporting activities and life.

So many people are upgrading their nutrients. Examples include Ronda Rousey, Jenson Button, Novak Djokovic, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, the Australian cricket team and a lot more. Please see here for more examples.

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Bobcats

Nutrient loading vs. Carbo loading:

Here is a comparison of the 2 different fuel sources available to you. Sugar equals inflammation and is a quick burn fuel. Your brain is 60% fat and this is the preferred fuel sources for your brain and body too.

Nutrient loading…

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Mt. Sembrano Trail Run Challenge: April 18, 2015


If you enjoy hardcore, moderate to steep rocky trails through open forests, mountain ridges, steep ravines and magnificent views of Laguna De Bay and Talim Island then this race, The DBB Uphill Challenge, Mt. Sembrano 15k and 30k Trail Run on April 18 is just the perfect trail race waiting for you!

The mountain trails offers an elevation of from 625 meters to about 745 meters. Between these elevation gains are single track dirt trails, grassy mountain ridges, hilltops and a waterfalls that will surely be refreshing for those tired and overly exposed to the sun.

This race is a week before the 2015 Salomon Trail Race on April 25, 2015 so the Mt. Sembrano Trail Run Challenge will be a perfect tune-up race for those running Salomon.

Here are the details of the race:

Date & Time:  Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 6:00 a.m.

Start/Finish Location:  Brgy…

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Rundown #2: Mt. Purgatory 30k Trail Run, Nov. 16, 2014

The run started at Japas where it was all trail going in and ended at the Bokod Municipal hall, Benguet. The event was joined in by as many as 123 runners, from seasoned upto to the newbie trail level. The terrain and surroundings are just breath-taking and explicitly beautiful. I have never seen a place like this in my entire life.

It was a run not well suited for me as I am not used to high elevation trailing but I still persevered and pushed on till the end. The trails are very challenging especially those uphill climbs with inclines that will surely slow you down and pull you back. I had to take a step at a time on the first 8km.

Upon reaching the peak of Mt. Pack(8km up approx), we had to enter a mossy forest enroute to Mt. Purgatory which was very damp and muddy but I’m thankful for the locals for putting in cut tree branches so we can have some footing at least on the muddy and slippery terrain. The inside of the forest has lots of trees clothed with moss. Light just barely enters and its always damp all over, all the time.

Mt. Purgatory is just heaven on earth. The inside of the forest is just cool and still full of mossy vegetation plus fog is always present. This must be the reason why it was given its name. It gives you a feel of heaven here on earth.

Mt. Kom-Kompol is the highest point of the trail which is 2,323 masl. This is the point where it starts to go downhill but you still have to pass through some mossy forest again for about 2-3km until you pass through those loose rocks on the side of the mountain. Each step needs to be taken carefully because one wrong move can injure you or worst, throw you off the cliff.

I got to meet two runners named Errol Regaya and Roy Encela who I started running with when we met at Mt. Pack and until we finished. We were all supporting and pushing each other. Sharing a thing or two about our experiences in trailing and running. Its just a relief when running with a group as you get take your mind off the difficulty you are encountering. They are your pushing hand when you want to give up at times.

Overall, I would say that the trails are properly marked. The runners were kept safe with all the caution markers they placed along the route. They also utilized the help of the local guides to look over the runners and their safety. This event is just one for the books. It was planned well and the venue was properly chosen for the enjoyment of the runners. I do not regret joining this because the experience is just priceless. As what I have told a fellow runner, “nothing beats seeing beauty up close and personal”. I would certainly run this course again when given a chance because I know that the organizer is doing a great job of giving what trail runners need…an unforgettable adventure.

To God be the Glory!































Run-Down #1: Nature’s Trail Discovery Run 3, May 25,2014


This is part 1 of a 3 leg series for trail running organized by Pimco Sporting Events which is spread out on months where there won’t be any bad weather to worry about.

The first race was joined in by as many as 300+ runners from all age level in the 5k, 10k, 21k and 50k category. It comes to show that PIMCO’s reputation for trail running is spreading across the country and even outside.

The trails plotted by PIMCO are just so challenging and good even to experienced trail runners as you get to go up several steep mountains, cross small creeks, see valleys, see clouds below you( during the early morning period), go through thick foliage and many more. The course is very challenging and beautiful at the same time. You get to enjoy nature at its best. All the runners had a great time as all had been cared for by the organizers by placing visible markers along the trail plus hydration stops are found at the right places where they are needed except at the Bangkaan mountain turn-around where they run out of water supply as its situated at the top of the mountain we assaulted but so far, all are good and bearable. From this turn-around, it was all downhill until we reached the foot of the mountain and made a turn towards barangay Sto. Niño where we were given a chance to take a dip into the shallow river before taking the rough road back to the final steep mountain and to the finish line.

The second leg is something to look forward to because you just do not know what PIMCO will be cooking to surprise the runners again. For sure it will have killer views and uphills again.

Here are some pictures taken by Coach Jackie Gutierrez aka Lucky Jackie.













To God be the glory!

If You Want To Join And Finish A Trail Ultra

Bald Runner

On the day of my 62nd birthday, US Navy Admiral (Four-Star) William H. McRaven, Ninth Commander of the US Special Operations Command and a US Navy Seal, delivered a Commencement Speech to almost 8,000 graduating students of the University of Texas at Austin on May 17, 2014. He is an alumnus of the said University and a product of the school’s ROTC Program.

The following is the complete text of his Commencement Address to the Graduating Class of 2014. http://www.utexas.edu/news/2014/05/16/admiral-mcraven-commencement-speech/

Having been a product of military training and some special operations training with the Philippine Army, I fully appreciate what the Admiral had gone through in his US Navy Seal’s Training.

However, for the benefit of my readers, I would like to relate the ten (10) lessons that the good Admiral had learned from his US Navy Seal training to the sports that I dearly loved at the…

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Running in Baguio City

Baguio City as it is commonly known as the summer capital of the Philippines because its situated high in the mountains of Benguet Province north of Manila. Here, the weather is cool and the locals are very friendly. There are so many activities you can do like hiking, biking, horseback riding and so many more…but for me, I took the chance to run as I have wanted to do it for so long now.

I started my run with my wife inside Camp John Hay traversing the main road heading to South Drive on Baguio Country Club for 2.7k and back then we split up as she is done with her run and I am just getting warmed up. I went out gate 2 heading to Loakan Road and turning back to South Drive direction again. I was able to enjoy 11.2k of run through the uphill and twisting roads.

My view on the run is pretty much full of enjoyment as its a new place I am running in plus seeing the views of the trees and mountains is just refreshing. Experience-wise, running uphill and about 1540m above sea-level just teaches you so many things. First, is how you manage to run correctly and secondly, how you breath properly because with higher altitude…air is thinner. You try to get more air in your body so you get to expand your lungs even more with heavy breathing. Well, I will discuss that more on a separate and specific topic. Thirdly, with a new place to run in and some beautiful views, you get to run much longer than usual. That is because your mind is busy processing new information of your surrounding and it cheats your body into thinking that its tired.

When in Baguio, take the opportunity to run as its so full and beauty and freshness all around. Enjoy and God bless!



“Simple Hydration” Water Bottle




I have been running for quite sometime now and when I run, I do not want to be holding anything. I feel like it upsets my balance. I always wear those hydration belts even for those mid-distance runs and most of the time, the liquid just spills off the container that is held by the belt as it bounces, thus it gets me wet or it lessens the liquid it holds.

Then I found this “Simple Hydration” bottle from a fellow runner. It can conveniently be tucked on your shorts or behind the neckline of your shirt. It’s held on by the unique shape of the bottle where it has a hook shape on one side. The bottle just stays in place as long as your clothes are not too loose. I tried running with it the first time and it felt like I am not bringing anything. It stayed in place and didn’t fall off. It can hold a good amount of liquid for short to medium distance run. This bottle just made everything easy in running. It’s a must have for runners who don’t want to wear loads of gears during a simple run.